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Knowledge Is Power. Take any of our courses of your choice to be part of the team that has set health as a priority and are working towards healthy living. If you find interest in any course, visit the contact us page to inquire about it.

Body Cleansing

The body does not get sick except something from the outsite gets in. This short course will take you through how to do effective detox of your body and help others to do same through simple, proven techniques backed by scientific facts. Contacts to get started

Body Replenishing

Replenishing has to to with filling the body with nutrients and vital minerals that have been lost due to our daily lifestyle and mostly unhealthy eating habits coupled with the polluted environments we find ourlves in. Get to know how you can replenish the body through this short course

Body Strengthening

For the body to attain balance and operate on its optimum level, it has to be strengthened and receive all that it needs. This is doable. Just that you have to know how to do it. With this short course, you are on your way to strengthen your body

Chinese Concept Of Health

This is everything you need to know about holistic medicine put together in a short form. Get to discover the ancient secrets of the 5000 year old golden book of Chinese medicine. You are just a contact away. We await your call and email