YOWAS gives hope to PLHIV


YOWAS a group made up of people who are infected and affected by HIV has provided a safe haven for its members.

The stigmatization that People who are infected with HIV face even at workplaces is not yet  thing of the past.

Haven suffered the sting of stigmatization and discrimination herself as a potential recruit because of her HIV status, she decided to have a positive life even that sad occurrence.


Gifty Torkornu has lived with HIV for the past 16 years.

After been disappointed with some PLHIV groups and organizations, Gifty took the wild step of setting up an organization for people who are infected and affected by HIV in one way or the other.

With the main aim of educating PLWHIVs to adhere to medication, observe basic hygiene rules and how to stay healthy, so as not to be prone to other opportunistic diseases,Gifty Torkornu has successfully set up an organization with the acronym of YOWAS.

The Young Women Against Stigma has grown from membership of 13 to an enviable number of 30 active and registered members.


There are however other associate members who join in their activities.

According to Gifty, the YOWAS also undertake outreach activities where attendants are educated on what HIV is, and also encourages the public to access HIV testing services offered by the AIDS Commission.

The YOWAS has successfully trained members in income generating activities, giving members something profitable to do.

Clothes and others

At the National HIV and AIDS Research Conference of 2018 in Ghana, the YOWAS showcased some of the products members had made after going through successful modules of training.

The YOWAS has received support some benevolent organizations, including the Ghana AIDS Commission.

Speaking to healthylifegh at the NHARCON2018 event, she said, the organization has been very active and has helped many people who are infected to “how how to live their lives to stay healthy”


“Living with the virus is no pleasant thing, but if you know how to take care of yourself, you can look at it as taking a prescribed medicine for BP and you will befine if you eat well and do all that the expects tell you” she mentioned.

The YOWAS also takes time to educate people who are not infected but affected by relatives who are infected with HIV on how to live with their loved ones.

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