Urgent care near me

Urgent care near me

Urgent care near me. With the advent of coronavirus and the lockdowns in several nations if not all, remote health assistance seems to be graining rounds.

This has called for more innovation in how to access healthcare without necessarily travelling outside one’s jurisdiction.

The urgent care locationf by solv for instance has been a great tool for people in the USA. In Ghana, the Vodafone foundation of Ghana has set up a mobile clinic where people can call and receive guidance. Usage of the service and the rate at which it is used cannot be said to be high. This is because most Ghanaian citizens would prefer to visit a clinic.

The Bisa app in Ghana

Bisa means “ask” in the Ghanaian Twi language. It is a mobile application that allows users with an Android, iphone or Windows phone to directly interact with medical practitioners without being physically present at the hospital. This is one of the apps developed to aid remote assistance for health care.

eHealth Ghana

The eHealth Ghana is another app that aims to take away the stress of going out to seek healthcare, especially at the Out Patient Departments (OPD) where long queues can be seen each day. They assure their customers as “We also know your health is critical to your success. Let us take the stress away from accessing healthcare”


The BIMA Doctor actually allows users to literally call a Medical Doctor for assistance. BIMA says “Call a doctor as often as you like for any medical queries. … Enjoy the protection of the service for all the family. Receive weekly health tips, toll … BIMA (Milvik Ghana Limited) is a registered company in the Republic of Ghana

The Claron Health

Claron Health also tries to use its online portal to allow health care users to book for assistance. It is an innovative and holistic health maintenance organization. What they say is “We make healthcare more convenient and accessible to you”

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