Prayer Camps and the Eradication of HIV


The Social Monitoring Accountability Committee of the Ghana Aids Commission in the Eastern Region has revealed the harrowing experiences that People Living with HIV (PLHIV) go through in the search for a cure in the hands of some prophets at their Prayer camps.

These were revealed during a forum by the commission to expound on their findings.

During the forum, it came to light that most of the “Prophets” who oversee these prayer camps do not have basic understanding of what HIV is, the mode of transmission and the difference between HIV and AIDS.

Golda Asante a Technical Coordinator with the Commission who made the presentation explained how these “Prophets” assure their clients of a cure.

Their clients, most of whom begin to take anti-retrovirals, but still go in search of a cure, rather end up retrogressing in their state of health.

During the visit to these camps, it was discovered that the Eastern Region alone could boast of over 77 of such camps.

Sadly enough, the clients to these camps are convinced that their infection are spiritual and that through spiritual directions, they could be cured.

The chairman of the forum, Dr S B Ofori, a former Regional focal person for HIV in the region, revealed that there have been many instances where these people who forsake their visits to the ART centers and turn to the camps for cures return to the hospital in worst states, some eventually loose their lives.

Bishop Samuel Kwakwa of the Reigning Power Gospel Church and the current President of the Koforidua Christian Ministers Fellowship called on Pastors to seek knowledge.

He went on to say that, “these people are not Pastors, because a Pastor’s job is to preach and teach about the word of God and not to prepare concoctions for people to drink”

There was a general call by all stakeholders present to take a second look at the activities of prayer camps in the country.

Present were the Ghana Police Service, Prisons Service, Municipal and Regional Health Directorate representatives, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, The Food and Drugs Authority among many others.

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