Nurses abandon patients due to strike action

Nurses abandon patients due to strike action

Nurses abandon patients | A man went berserk on the compound of the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua over his dying father who was abandoned due to the nationwide strike by Nurses and Midwives in the country.

The furious man stormed out of the ward where he alleged nobody was attending to his father to throw tantrums at the premises of the facility.

The distraught man blamed the government for the development.

“Why? You have admitted us since yesterday and nobody is attending to us. Why? Why are we doing this to Ghana, as if we don’t have a leader in this country. Why do we have President ‘why do we have Judge s. Why why! Why do you do things as if there is no one in charge. Management of this hospital should come out and tell me something. Come out and explain to me what is happening. This is what you have been doing since I was born. My father is dying but there is nobody to administer the medicine through NG -tube. We shall see in this Hospital”.


Nurses and midwives across the country commenced strike action on Monday, September 21, 2020, over poor conditions of service.

The Striking Nurses and Midwives have formed taskforce ensuring full compliance.

The Eastern Regional Hospital which is a referral facility is among the hardest hit as almost half of its over 900 staff are on strike.

The Regional Hospital records 927 average daily OPD attendance and 60 admissions.

The strike has forced Doctors in the hospital to assume multiple tasks day and night to save lives.

The doctors say they are overstretched calling on the government to address the concerns of the striking Nurses and Midwives as soon as possible to avert crises in healthcare.

Meanwhile, the Medical Director of the Eastern Regional Hospital Dr Akoto Ampaw has called for an emergency meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. He has invited Ward In-Charge and Nurse Unit Heads in Charge, Head of Anesthesia, and Physician Assistants on the strike.

Source: Ansah