NGO advocates ‘One District, One Cancer Treatment Centre’

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A Non-Governmental Organization in the Central Region is advocating the establishment of at least one cancer treatment centre in every district by the government.

The NGO is convinced this will help in the education and early detection and treatment of cancers in the country.

Executive Director of New Vision Foundation International, Gabriel Nii Kommey Adams, says the establishment of the cancer centres will also help in the dissemination of credible and useful information about the prevention, causative factors, dispel of myths about the disease and boost treatment.


Speaking on World Cancer Day at the Redemption Baptist Church in Cape Coast, Mr Adams noted the increasing and alarming rate at which people getting cancer in Ghana calls for urgent steps to deal with the situation.


“The statistics are alarming. Many people, both young and old are being affected. Our population is in danger. Cancer treatment centres are needed, at least in every District to deal with the development,” he said.


A public health practitioner with the NGO, Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur called for the prioritization of mental health issues in the country to reduce the rate of cancers in the country.


According to him, there are many varying dimensions of mental health associated with cancer.

“As a country, we need to promote the mental health aspects of the illness because cancer has mental health dimensions. People may have personality problems, cognitive problems, personality change and others have some social issues with family responsibility.


“This is a huge problem that ought to be critically looked at and addressed with the speed of light,” he added.


A lecturer with the counselling department at the University of Cape Coast and board chair of New Vision Foundation International, Prof. Linda Naa Dzama Forde says there is the need for an increased effort in the fight against cancer.


She wants people to go beyond turning to churches for solutions to ailments and rather seek early treatment at medical facilities in addition.


Programs manager of the NGO, Josephine Kuukua Mensah averred the NGO hopes to take their cancer awareness campaign to the deprived communities in the Central Region to help the vulnerable in society.


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