Mentally-ill patients to be sent home – Ankaful hospital threatens

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Mentally-ill patients to be sent home – Ankaful hospital threatens

Mentally-ill patients to be sent home – Ankaful hospital threatens | Authorities at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital say they are considering discharging patients because of lack of support from the government.

Acting Clinical Coordinator of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region, Dr. Emefa Dadzie, said feeding of the inmates has become a burden, as creditors are unwilling to supply them foodstuffs due to the accumulated debt.

“First of all, feeding the patients, taking care of patients, is becoming a very great burden to us. Even recently, we had to scramble together to get money to buy a meal for a day for the patients because we are not getting the funds from the government as we need to. They promised us from the beginning of the year till now. Even the little money they promised to give us, we’ve still not received it yet so we are having difficulties,” she told the press.

She made the comments after receiving a donation from the Church of Latter-Day Saint at Cape Coast, the Central Region capital.

Dr. Dadzie revealed that government’s inability to release funds since the beginning of the year has been a major setback.

“We owe suppliers backlog of years and they are not willing to supply again so it’s becoming very difficult. Looking in the near future, maybe, we will have to maybe let all the patients go home because we can’t afford to feed them.

“We can’t afford to take care of them. I’m not sure how much exactly is in the budget for us but what I know is that we went there, they promised us an amount of money. Even though it is a very small amount as compared to what we need to pay back all our creditors, even that small amount has still not come,” she added.

The over 50-year-old facility also battles structural defects – poor electrical wiring among its many problems.

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital faces similar challenges.

Meanwhile, the government has said it will release funds this week to three major psychiatric hospitals including the Ankaful.

Public Relations Officer of the Health Ministry, Robert Cudjoe, tells Joy News the claims by Ankaful hospital regarding the financial constraints have been exaggerated