Maryland Medical Company Claims To Have Cure For HIV

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Maryland Medical Company Claims To Have Cure For HIV – A company in Maryland, USA has made serious claims that is discovered a single dose gene therapy that is effective enough to provide a cure for HIV.

It has subsequently submitted an application as per due process to the Food and Druc Administration of the U.S for authentication.
They have made a wild claim the therapy will eliminate HIV.

The medical company is very optimistic its claims will be passed.
Breaking the news two days ago on CBS Baltimore local, the company’s chief science officer, C. David Pauza is reported to have said the company has purposed is to provide treatment for HIV. The method that is to be employed will eventually help people living with HIV to build immunity to the virus and then halt its growth and eventual spread even in the absence of current drugs.

In January 2020, the company is expectiing to start a phase one clinical trial in humans.

According to the Department of Health and Human Servicess in the U.S, close to 1.1 million people are living with the virus in the States.

Maryland Medical Company Claims To Have Cure For HIV

If this test is to receive authentication after the various processes have been adhered to, and if trials in January produce results that can be relied upon upons as being an effective treatment for HIV, the world might be on its way to finding a cure for the virus.

The introduction of Antiretrovirals into the HIV sphere brought relief to many people living with HIV, that notwithstanding, there are many especially on the African continent who are not satisfied with drugs that only surpresses the virus.

As such they go all out seeking something that will knock off the virus all together from their system whereby they would not have to depend on any drug again as a result of HIV.

This mindset has landed many in places where their situation has rather worsened.

In the midst of all these, such news as this from Maryland is one that receives monitoring from all who are interested in HIV issues.

Ghana Health News will update its readers on the latest on this as it unfolds.