Long distance relationship 8 ways to be happy

Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship, They are just as good or bad as regular relationships. Their chances of working or failure are also the same. They work if both of you are determined to make them work.

It may require a little more effort to strike the balance because you have to bridge the distance. You’ll enjoy working towards the relationship too. Here are a few tips to be happy in a long distance relationship:

Stop listening to people – The list of friends and colleagues who’ll share scary stories about long distance relationships will be huge. But stop listening to them. You know your partner and yourself better than anyone else. So don’t care about what people are saying.

Long distance relationship | Excessive communication is a big no – While cellular phone operating companies may have made things easy for couples with their free calling plans, don’t be in touch with them all the time even though you may be tempted to. Though communication is the key to building strong relations, an overdose might just kill it. Don’t let it get monotonous. Emphasize on quality conversation over quantity. You can always message each other for the teeny-weeny updates.

Plan your trips, surprises aren’t always welcome – Each of you might have work or personal commitments. Meeting each other is important but don’t always make spontaneous trips to see your loved one. What if he/she has an important campaign or presentation at work or an important social function they can’t miss? Why strain the relation by forcing the person to choose between you and other important things. Plan your trips so you can make the most of it with a free mind.

Enjoy Skype dates – So what if you can’t go on real dates. Get creative and enjoy date nights every week or fortnight. You can play the same movie at home and watch it at the same time while you share comments through messages or video calling. You can even have a date night with wine and dinner. Order food, dress up, set the mood with candles and lights and go video conferencing. Chat, giggle, tease and make your bond stronger.

Trust each other – If there is no trust, there can’t be a relation – long distance or regular. Know each other well before you take the leap. Don’t start doubting your partner every time they don’t answer your call or reply to your texts. Going out with friends, staying in touch with friends of the opposite sex should apply to both of you. Be clear and avoid hiding anything so that there is no place for doubts to creep in.

Talk dirty – S3x is an important part of every relationship. S3x doesn’t always have to be physical. It involves emotional bonding too. So send each other seductive messages. You can sext each other, try phone s3x or talk dirty to help each other have a steamy night despite the distance.

Share your schedules – It’s not being poky. You need to know how a regular day in your partner’s life is and how they spend their weekend. That way, you can time your calls. Don’t hide things. Getting caught drunk at night when you’ve told your girlfriend that you are working on a presentation or sleeping can create rifts. Knowing when your partner is available and busy will prevent misunderstandings.

Don’t fret over small differences or arguments – Most issues are small if solved on time. If there is an issue, speak up and sort it out. Trust your partner for the answers they provide and if you’re not convinced try to see how it can be changed or worked upon so that the matter doesn’t bloat up. Don’t get into comparisons of how one of you is investing slightly more in the relationship than the other. That’s always going to be the case. The earlier you understand, the easier it is to sustain.

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