How to prevent kidney disease to be launched today

How to prevent kidney disease

How to prevent kidney disease to be launched today. The much publicised and talked-about book on how to prevent kidney disease is set to be launched today at the Family Chapel International, Susuanso – Kumasi.

The book which is expected to provide detailed knowledge on how to live healthy lives with the kidney in mind is divided into three parts.


As of the time of filing this report, the auditorium has been prepared and packs of the books neatly wrapped were being loaded to the premise for the launch.

Dr Elliot Koranteng Tannor, obviously elated that finally a book which contains so much knowledge which he has to spend several years acquire is all put together is very simple English is now available to individuals, couldn’t hide his joy when he arrived at the venue.

In a manner that can easily pass for “being the change you want to see” Dr Elliot Koranteng Tannor, a Nephrologist, that is a medical specialist who looks after the kidneys, takes the bull by the horn to put together in 85 pages, a life-changing book to give enlightenment on how to prevent kidney disease.

Renal disease according to experts contributed to 10.8 per cent of deaths from 2010 to 2013 (Adjei et al., 2018). It is not uncommon to see on television screens and other news sources people from all walks of life appealing for funds to help them to pay for the cost of accessing treatment for various kidney-related issues.

Looking at the burden of kidney disease on the populace, and considering the high cost of managing the disease, Dr Tannor who has first-hand knowledge and experience with kidney disease patients has dedicated a chunk of his life and resources and made it a personal responsibility to ameliorate the suffering of many, not only by attending to them in the wards and his consulting room but also by going out of his comfort zone to ensure that people get informed on how to prevent kidney-related diseases.

The event is to see the beginning of what will lead to many being more conscious of health practices that will keep their kidneys in good condition.

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