Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah a Bronze Lion Executive pays a two-day working visit to TIENS Wa members

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah, a Bronze Lion Executive of the TIENS Biotechnology company has lifted the bar of multi-level marketing business on the African continent with yet another feat of vigorous team building. The MLM industry is frought with a lot of misconception. That notwithstanding some have braced the odds and with fortitude, have become millionaires and in turn changed the destinies of others who were without hope of ever becoming financial independent. The Tiens Group since its establishment has gained a reputation of being one of the most credible multi level marketing companies in the world supplying over 45million households with quality food supplements across the globe.

One of such souls who has braced the odds and challenged the status quo is the man Ernest Oppong Nkansah.

Within a period of not up to five years, he has risen to the rank of a Bronze Lion Executive of the Great TIENS Group. The second in command of the Visionary Team in Kumasi, decided to take a round trip of visiting new emerging markets, viz; Obuasi and Wa. He has successfully convineced many across the globe and proven that the multi level marketing industry is one in which people can work as a full time career and still become as financially sufficient as any other industry.

From Friday, October 12, 2023 to Saturday, October 14, 2023, the dynamic, humorous and vibrant leader would spend time sharing his infectious strategies with the Wa team.

Already in a meeting with the leadership after his arrival on Thursday, he has unveiled several ground breaking strategies to the leadership while sharing his achievements. He also took part in the day’s Open Plan Presentation (OPP) which was led by Sylvanus Gatorwu, a City Level Lecturer of the company.

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah has beneath his sleaves some enviable achievements which include qaulifying for four (4) international travel awards, winning the much coveted luxary car award, producing two (2) other Bronze Lion Executives in the persons of Mrs Evagreen Oppong Nkansah (his better half) and Madam Elizabeth Belaar, who both have also won the luxary car awards through the guidance of the Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah.

With over 500 members in his team, the ever trekking Bronze Lion Executive is set to break records set by his predecessors by taking the business across continents and producing heavy teams with solid leaders.

He already, together with Hon Prince K Boady, the founder of the VISIONARY TEAM, have produced nine (9) mini teams that have solid leaderships comprising people from all professions and varied educational backgrounds.

Within the heirachy of the TIENS Group, Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah has also produced City Level Lecturers in the persons of Mr Michael Afrifa Boakye and Mr Sylvanus Gatorwu

He encouraged the team and taught them the importance of making strong their home grounds before spreading out. In his words, “events form only two percent of the work, and even though it is good to spread out and conquer other markets, solidify your home grounds first”

It is expected that by the time he leaves Wa, the team would have been fired beyond their wildest expectations to do exploits with the global giant.

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