Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah ends working visit with emphasis on team building

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah ends with emphasis on team building

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah ends working visit with emphasis on team building

Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah ends working with emphasis on team building. After spending two days delivering intensive training sessions with the TIENS members in Wa, Upper West Region, a Bronze Lion Executive of the TIENS Group has ended his working tour with emphasis on team building.

TIENS is a biotechnology company that manufactures one of the world’s best food supplements. The company currently boasts of over 45 million households across the globe who are loyal consumers of its products. Apart from providing households with quality food supplements, the company prides itself in nurturing many into the noble career of entrepreneurship thereby creating career opportunities and making milliornaires out of ordinary people.

In a bid to drive sales, get many more people into the company and to get them out of poverty that Dr Ademan Tetteh, an Honorable Director of the company initiated a project to raise 200 Bronze Lion Executives within a space of 5 years. In September 2023, it will be recalled that Dr Tetteh also rolled out a 100 year plan to alleviate poverty from the lives of those members in the TIENS Group who would join the project.

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These projects ignited the new wave of a spiral effect in which some exceptional leaders have taken it upon themselves to open new markets and grow these markets. It is on the impetus of such a drive that Honorable Ernest Oppong Nkansah, the second in command of the TIENS VISIONARY TEAM based in Kumasi untook a visiting tour of various centres across the country to provide training to leaders, meet new prospects and then revive old members.

In his last session of training to the teaming crowd that had gathered to listen to him, Honorable Ernest Oppon Nkansah made it emphatically clear that network marketing business was a genuine way of getting out of poverty, however, the secret of the career hinges on the ability to grow and sustain a team.

He urged the members not to think about making themselves rich but to ensure that their team member received the support they needed to become happy. According to the experienced car award winner and multiple international travel award winner, whenever a leader in the business made others happy, it encourages them to stay and to be loyal.

In their loyalty and hard work, the leader also prospers, this prosperity will then trickle down, rippling into every other new person that joins the company. An elated crowd of new and old members were excited to have received the Honorable Bronze Lion Executive and asked for more.

Before leaving the Upper West Region, he met with leaders of the Visionary Team in Wa and by extension the TIENS Group leaders. This provided him the opportunity to spend some quality time to expound on certain leadership skills that are needed to lead the teaming members of the emerging market.

With over 500 people benefiting from his tutelage, the Honorable Bronze Lion Executive has within a space of not more than 5 years within his stay in the company groomed several leaders, most of whom have become award winning distributors of the company in different categories of awards including travel and tour and car awards among many others. He as also produced two Bronze Lion Executives, two city level lecturers and is himself a recipient of the much coveted Dr Ademan Tetteh Exceptional Leadership award.

In his closing remarks, he promised to visit the region again before the year runned to an end. He granted a short interview exclusively to the Ghana Health News team. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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