HIV and AIDS | Man with no knowledge on Virus claims to have cure

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HIV and AIDS Cure | A 37 year old who claimed to have a cure for the HIV and AIDS turned out to be a man with uncertain identity as he himself could not define exactly who he is.

The man who identifies himself as a Muslim but who beliefs in Jesus Christ, claims to have been given a cure in the spirit world for HIV.

Abdul Razak Mohamed, who is a resident at Suhum in the Eastern Region, walked into the Eastern Region office of the Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) on Wednesday morning to disclose his claim of cure.

He told Golda Asante, A Technical Coordinator of the Ghana AIDS Commission that God had revealed to him that, roots of the coconut tree and a stem of ‘ogyama’ tree species can cure HIV and AIDS.

However, Drama unfolded when this man who claims to be a Muslim and an ardent believer of Jesus Christ, started answering to questions on his knowledge of HIV and AIDS.

He said the mode of contracting HIV was through mosquito and dog bites, adultery and spiritual curses.

The man who has difficulty walking claims to have had an accident in the spirit world when he was returning on his journey into same to “bring the cure”

Mallam Mohamed, sure of his claim, appealed to the GAC to accept his claim because it was a revelation from God and a remedy to end the suffering of the world.

According to him, he was ready to accept any terms and protocols provided his claim would be accepted.

His greatest request was for the Commission to make available to him, two or three people living with the virus so he could cure them to prove his claim.

Ms Golda Asante, used the opportunity to educate him on the basic knowledge of HIV and AIDS, stressing that HIV was not a spiritual curse or acquired through mosquito and dog bites.

She said while the GAC was ready to analyze and assess every claim of cure, however, currently, the Anti-retroviral (ART) was the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended the drug for infected persons and, therefore, urged the public to adhere to that.

It has become a common happening in recent times for people to claim to have a cure for the virus from the spirit.

Ms Asante, who has said on several platforms that she believes in God, has however called for caution from the general public to be careful with accepting anything that comes in the name of a cure, and has urged people living with HIV (PLHIV) to stick to their ARTs.

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