Herbal Practitioners cautioned – “Adhere to FDA policies”

Herbal Practitioners

Herbal Practitioners in Ghana have been cautioned to adhere to the policies from the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) for appropriate production and information of herbal medicine.

Speaking on Goodlife 105.5FM, a Koforidua based radio station in the Eastern Region of Ghana, a member of the advisory team for the practitioners in Eastern Region and also the General overseer for EL 777 Ministry, Odifo Benjamin Baidoo notified them.

According to him, it will be inappropriate for any Herbal Practitioner in Ghana not to adhere to the policies from the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) set for them.

“The polices from Food and Drug Authority (FDA) will shape we the Herbal Practitioners to produce good herbal medicine for better treatment of diseases and I don’t think they are there to suppress us. So it will be improper for any herbal practitioner not to conform to it.” He said.

“Everything is governed by a policy in this world, God specially prepared them so we can leave a virtuous life.”

He said herbal practitioners need to be heedful on how they advertise their products on the media landscape.

“This is a plea to all herbal practitioners. The need has come for us to inform the general public the exact things our herbal medicine does to the body and not forging things it can’t do, all in the name of money because it goes against the policies governing us from the food and Drug Authority (FDA).”

He called on herbal practitioners to diligently see to the preparation of their herbal medicine to meet the international standard and be united.

In recent times, herbal practitioners have been criticized for the many claims that some of them make about their preparations.

Others, claim their preparations, in a single bottle for instance can heal several diseases.

Many too do not have the license to advertise, yet they do so, flouting the Public Health Code.


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