Good nutrition promotes healthy cells – Philomina Adomah

Good nutrition promotes healthy cells - Philomina Adomah

Good nutrition promotes healthy cells

Good nutrition promotes healthy cells – Philomina Adomah. A TIENS Health Coach, has emphasised on the need to eat healthy diets. She made this call during the Trainer of Trainers program organized by the national headquarters of the TIENS Group at the Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology.

Healthy eating has become a challenge for many despite the crave for organic foods. Organic foods have become a thing for many people in recent times because of the fear of chemicals used by farmers to cultivate various crops.

During a lecture in which Miss Adomah was to demonstrate how important immunity is, she elaborated on how healthy eating can make one to have healthy white blood cells which fight diseases.

Since the program was a trainer of trainers program, Miss Adomah urged the participants of the program to train distributors and encourage clients on how to eat healthy diets in combination with the supplements. She reminded the participants that per research, more women experience autoimmuine disorders more than women and added that “if women will take thier diets serious and be caustious about eating healthy, we can reduce some of these disorders”

Autoimmuine disorders occur when one’s immuine system begins to fight against its self, leaving the person vulnerable

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