Golda Asante Takes Education to SHS

Golda Asante

Golda Asante, the Technical Coordinator at the Regional Coordinating Council in the Easter Region and focal person for HIV and AIDS within the region has intensified the education of HIV to people in the region.

Golda Asante has consequently taken the education to students within some Senior High Schools in the New Juaben Municipality.

The very ambitious 90-90-90 target by the Ghana Aids Commission requires that citizens all over the country get to at least know their HIV status.

Some of the schools that have been visited are Koforidua Techinal Senior High School and Pentecost Senior High School. Play to listen to Golda at Koforidua Technical Senior High School.

Students in these schools benefited from talks on various subjects.

Some of the subjects were on mode of transmission of the HI virus.

Golda Asante spent time explaining to students extensive on some of the myths around HIV and mode of transmission.

The students were very excited at the lessons and participated, asking incisive questions.

In the Koforidua Technical Senior High School, a total of 1,500 students accessed the HIV testing services.

Golda Asante
Student asking question

These comprised 1,450 males and 50 females.

The figure was encouraging, especially on the part of the females students.

The school hitherto used to be a boys-only school.

At Pentecost Senior High School, 1,500 students accessed the HIV testing services.

This comprised 950 females and 550 males.

It is hoped that these talks will yield positive results.

The Technical Support Unit within the same week visited Prayer camps and further intensified the education of Treatment for Persons Living With HIV.

With the Treat All policy now in place, The Ghana Aids Commission aims at ensuring that all persons living with HIV irrespective of their CD 4 count will be on treatment.

Golda Asante
Students waiting to access the testing services

The Treat All Policy

Per the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020, pg 24, “Ghana adopted the Test and Treat Policy for all people who test positive for HIV for full implementation beginning 2017.

The “Treat all policy” is a key strategy for the 90-90-90;”

In the treat all policy, Golda Asante postulates that “In the teat all policy, we don’t care weather your CD 4 is 10,000 or the strength of your immunity is 2million.

Once you are HIV positive, we have to put you on treatment, and it is when we do that, that we can achieve viral suppression.

We don’t have to wait till you are lean or wait till you have opportunistic infection.

Before treat all, there were so many people living with HIV who were not on treatment because of CD 4 issues.”

Speaking to healthylifegh, Golda Asante expressed her excitement at the readiness with which the young students received the messages.

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