Golda Grace Asante presents SAMC findings

Golda Grace Asante

Golda Grace Asante a Technical Coordinator at the Ghana AIDS Commission and the Regional Focal Person for the Commission in the Eastern Regional has presented findings on the Social Accountability Monitoring Committee ( SAMC) on visits to prayer camps and healing centres within the region.

According to the findings, most people who know they are living with HIV ignore medical attention and rather turn to prayer camps and healing centres to seek HIV cure.

Some of the heads of such places convince their clients that their sicknesses or ailments are spiritual and thus, need spiritual intervention. The Spiritualists promise to have an HIV cure.

In the case of Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV), such leaders claim they a cure for HIV and turn to advertise for people who believe or have been diagnosed with having the virus go to them for a promised HIV cure.

Some PLHIV knows that anti-retroviral help to suppress the viral load and make them healthy and fit, however, many are not satisfied with the mere status of still being with the virus. They end up abandoning their medical care and go to these camps where they are promised an HIV cure.

According to  Madam Golda Grace Asante, who presented the findings on behalf of the committee, the findings revealed that some of these Pastors or heads of healing centres and prayer camps know nothing about HIV and AIDS; therefore have no cure.

Since the Ghana AIDS Commission has targeted AIDS-free by the year 2030, using the Agenda 90-90-90 which simply means one should get
*Tested (first 90)
* Take antiretroviral drugs ( second 90) and
* Have viral Suppression of virus ( third 90);

Madam Golda Asante urged all to through the process, instead of losing their lives or report to the hospital late when their case has been worsened.

The President of Koforidua Christian Ministers’ Fellowship, Bishop Samuel Sarpong Kwakwa on his part, stated that it is the duty of a pastor to preach the Gospel instead of some of them convincing innocent people with something they have no idea of.

It is the aim of the Ghana AIDS Commission to work actively and in partnership with the clergy towards the elimination of AIDS by the year 2030.

By Nana Yaa Amoako- Gyampah

The writer is a reporter at Eastern Fm

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