Gifty Torkornu excites students on HIV testing services

Gifty Torkornu

Gifty Torkornu, One of the Ghana AIDS Commission’s Heart to Heart Ambassadors, has excited and encouraged students of the Mamfe Methodist Senior High School take part in the ongoing nationwide HIV testing services being offered by the Ghana AIDS Commission.

The mother of one who has been living with HIV for the past 15 years joined a team from the Eastern Regional office of the Commission to educate the students on HIV, AIDS and other related issues.

The  project dubbed “Adolescent All In” is an initiative of the Technical Support Unit of the Regional Coordinating Council, the office that represents the Commission in the Region.

Gifty Torkornu who obviously trilled students with her presentation skills and narratives won the attention of her audience who sometimes responded with “eii!” and “Oh” and sometimes went dead silent.

“The place is as silent as a cemetery and I like the silence” she would say.

Gifty Torkornu
Gifty Torkornu

Gifty Torkornu recounted how she lost her place in as a recruit when it was discovered she was HIV positive.

She told her audience of how she was adamant about  being enrolled unto the Antiretroviral therapy until she lost her son.

She encouraged her audience that “being positive isn’t the end of life” however, one should not be careless.

She warned them to stay away from unprotected sex, tattoos and other activities that exposes one to the risk of getting infected, adding, “If I had known what you are hearing today, I may not have been infected because I have used to do all these things in the past out of ignorance”

After she had ended her talk, several students were seen around her seeking more information on how to stay “out of risk”

Her talk seemed to have given a boost to the number  of students who queued to have a test.

A target of 600 was exceeded as the team ended up testing 700 students with a promise to return since many were still in queue as of 9:00pm

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