Full Gospel Assembly International holds health screening

Full Gospel Assembly International holds health screening

The Women’s Ministry of Full Gospel Assembly International has organized a health talk and physical examination period on Tuesday evening as part of their programs for the year.

The talk which focused on Boby Mass Index was delivered by Kyotani Eri a JICA volunteer with Matthew 25 Hous, a non-governmental organization in Koforidua.

The women each took advantage of the talk to check their weight and height.

Their Body Mass Index was each calculated and sort individual advice on what they needed to do based on the result.

The Body Mass Index according to the speaker was the ideal weight that a person was to have based on their height. Even though many factors would account for a person’s weight, it gave an indication as to how far one was from the ideal.

Sometimes, the BMI was taken into consideration in the calculation of life expectancy.

Full Gospel Assembly International holds health screening

The women took turns to ask various questions about their diet, this took a lot of time as a few of the women present had high numbers.

Madam Kyotani educated that a BMI of less than 18 was not too good as it could mean one was malnourished, between 18.5 to 25 meant one had a normal weight, while a figure above 25 and up to 30 meant one was overweight.

She then indicated that figures ranging from 30 and above indicated that one was getting in the obese state with various classes of obesity.

She further warned that obesity would make one prone to certain ailments which could be prevented if one would keep a healthy weight per their height.

The appropriate diet and exercises were also discussed.

The President of the Women’s Ministry Mrs. Mercy Akorli encouraged her fellow women to make time for themselves as women are the timekeepers.

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