Focus On Your Education – Golda Asante to SHS students


Golda Asante, The Eastern Regional Technical Coordinator of the Ghana AIDS Commission has taken the education of people on the AIDS epidemic to students within some Senior High Schools in the New Juaben Municipality.

Under the Sponsorship of Bread and Roses Community Fund of Philadelphia, three major Senior High Schools in the Municipality have been visited with the Special Sensitization Program for SHS students with the theme “Adolescents All-in Campaign”.

Spending not less than two hours of talk time, and several hours of provision of HIV testing services, the Eastern Regional Office of the Technical Support Unit has penetrated the core of the youthful population in the municipality.


Some of the schools that have been visited are Koforidua Techinal Senior High School, Pentecost Senior High School, Oyoko Methodist Senior High School and Ghana Senior High School.

Students in these schools benefited from talks on various subjects.

Some of the subjects were on Risk factors for HIV vulnerability among adolescents / Young People.

Golda Asante spent time explaining to students extensive on some of the myths around HIV and mode of transmission.

The students were very excited at the lessons and participated, asking incisive questions.

The penultimate subject of the talks was on the danger of being exposed to early s*x as an adolescent and how to maintain the stance of not falling to peer pressure.

Most girls get into early s*x not necessarily because they want to, but because at a point in time, they are unable to withstand the pressure to engage in s*x from the opposite s*x.

Golda spent time in these schools explaining the importance of “maintaining your stance of no s*x till the most appropriate time”

In each of the schools, she laid emphasis on the fact that, it was better for the Youth to stay away from early s*x, than engaging in same.


She stressed, “the advantages of not having early s*x far outweigh the disadvantages.”

In the Koforidua Technical Senior High School, a total of 1,500 students attended the talk.

200 students accessed the HIV testing services.

At Pentecost Senior High School, 1,500 students attended the talk.

100 students accessed the HIV testing services.

At Oyoko Methodist Senior High School, 253 students accessed the testing services.

At the Ghana Senior High School, 1,866 students participated in the talk.

The Technical Support Unit within the same week visited Prayer camps and further intensified the education of Treatment for Persons Living with HIV.

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