Eye check up low among Ghanaians

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

Eye check up low among Ghanaians | Dr Samuel Tinagyei has bemoaned the low level of regular eye checks by Ghanaians

Speaking to healthylifegh, he said “it is not just in my field, generally, Ghanaians wait till they are ill before they visit the hospital….”

The eye care system in Ghana can still be said to be one in its infant or growing stages. Today there are less than 300 eye care professionals taking care of the eye needs of over 23 million Ghanaians.

In 2014, the then Minister of Health, Sherry Ayittey, disclosed that there were only 74 ophthalmologists in Ghana.

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

She made this statement during the inaugurating an ultra-modern eye centre at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. “There are a little of over 74 ophthalmologists currently in the country attending to over 24 million peo­ple.”

In her estimation, about 50 percent of these ophthalmologists in the country were practicing in Accra.

Three years later, it is not the number of Ophthalmologists or eye care professionals that is an issue, the rate at which Ghanaians do regular checks on their eyes is a matter of concern.

Dr Tinagyei, a trained optometrist, speaker, internet visionary, social media manager, author, poet, singer and blogger, said, roughly, about 5 percent of people who visit eye care centers do so for check-ups.

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

He said, “the five percent is a rough estimate, it is not an exact estimate. And I think it is even worst in government institutions. I doubt if there is anyone who walks to the government institutions voluntarily. I doubt.”

Government’s efforts at promoting preventive health care hasn’t seen enough strides.

Last year, during the then President Mahama’s last and fourth state of the Nation’s address, he said “”We are poised to invest heavily in education and preventive health care for the treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases due to lifestyle choices. Diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. The investment in preventive health is even more prudent as our nutritional habits continue to change. The double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases raises even more fundamental question about sustainable health care financing,”

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

As of 2014, the three northern regions in the country could not even boast of three ophthal­mologists According to Madam Ayittey, the former Minister of Health.

Today, the author of Smart Money and other books, financial intelligence expert and motivational speaker says, “naturally, we as Ghanaians don’t do much about preventive health. We never go to the hospital to do regular or routine checks; it is not part of our culture. We are not used to routine checks”

According the author of smart money and poet, this issue is not only so in the eye care sector, but everywhere.

He cautioned the public against keeping asymptomatic conditions. He said, these are conditions that will not show any symptoms and you wouldn’t know if you are a potential candidate.

He said, with something like Glaucoma, if you do not do an examination, you would not know if you are potentially at risk or not.

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

The creative content developer and poet noted: “curative health care always has a side effect as you fill your bodies with chemicals to treat a condition”

With the eye, it is not even too expensive to have an examination, and checks can be done in at least every three months or six months. So at least twice in a year, you can have your eyes checked.

About Dr Samuel Tinagyei

Dr. Samuel Tinagyei is a trained optometrist, speaker, internet visionary, social media manager, author, poet, singer and blogger. He is a creative content developer with a broad experience in branding, identity and excellence. He combines marketing and leadership skills to create a unique and highly effective approach to problem solving and creative change. His passion is to see people liberated from self-imposed limitations as a result of ignorance, lack of opportunities and poverty. He teaches on using simple practical and fundamental methods and steps to develop financial intelligence and discipline, how to get out and stay out of debt and how to grow and improve in all areas of life. His classes and workshops have transformed many lives, families and businesses all over the world. He lives in Ghana, West Africa.
Specialties: branding and identity, motivational and creative speeches, strategic leadership training, personal finance.

Eye check up low among Ghanaians

Dr Tinagyei has featured on some Radio Stations in Ghana sharing his opinion on various subject areas that touch on the very social make up of the economy.

Among some of the Media houses he has featured on are Joy 99.7 fm, the then Vision 90.9 Fm, the only English Radio Station the Eastern Region had.

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Crystal Washington, Crystal Washington; CSP | Futurist | Technology Strategist | Author | High Energy Int. Keynote Speaker |  Futurist | Technology Strategist | Speaker | CWM Enterprises, Houston, TX “Dr. Samuel Tinagyei is both a motivational figure and amazing Program Director. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Samuel when I was brought in by Effusion Motivate for the WOMAN 2.1 Summit in Accra, Ghana. Surely Dr. Samuel has “the” magic touch as I have never seen such a motivated team or such excited attendees. If you are looking for a motivator, Program Director or even a speaker for your own program, I highly recommend Dr. Samuel Tinagyei.”

Mawusi Ama Mawuenyefia, Brand Manager – Skin Cleansing (Family brands) at Unilever

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“Samuel is an enthusiastic young man with just the right attitude. He is a self-motivated, innovative man with a good sense of humour. A great team player and a visionary thinker with a passion for excellence.”