Ever Youth Alternative Health Center hold health screening at New Edubiase

Ever Youth Alternative Health Center

Ever Youth Alternative Health Center hold health screening at New Edubiase. In Ghana, it is not a common practice for people to walk into health facilities to request any form of health screening. Health facilities, therefore, have a mandate to drum home the need for preventive health.

It is in this same light that the Ever Youth Alternative Health Center took upon itself the work of promoting preventive health.

A team of Health Educators from the Alternative Health Center got into the New Edubiase community to first educate the indigenes on the need for one to know their health status.

This is the only way according to the holistic practitioners that one could know their state of health and then improve their status through nutrition, adequate exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Speaking exlusively to the Ghana Health News, a volunteer of the center, Michael Afrifa Boakye stated that the best way to keep oneself from suffering chronic illness was to regularly monitor their health status and and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The team in their activities first went from house to house, distributing flyers and speaking to households about the need for preventive health. The team then took their message to the New Edubiaseman Fm station where they spoke about their work in the community.

The screening exercise took place at the community center of the town where about 90 people took turns to check their health status. They were consequently spoken to by team about their diet, exercising regularly and the need to maintain a healthy lifestlye.

After the screening at the community center, the team extended their activity to the chief of the town, Nana Oguahyia Oduro Panin Brinkorang and his subjects.

The chief received the team with a wam welcome, as he and his subject took turns to undertake screening and interacted witht he team.

The team hinted to the Ghana Health News of their return to the town for a review of the health status of those who took part in the screening.