DMACFoundation scans 1,431 from January to May 2018


DMACFoundation scans 1,431 | The Divine Mother and Child Foundation has provided ultra scan services to a total of 1,431 women from January to May 2018.

The foundation since its birth has focused on providing ultra scan services to women in deprived communities.

The activities have accompanied with health talks, educating pregnant women about the benefits of Antenatal Services.

Several women still default in their antenatals when they are pregnant, especially in rural communities.

DMACFoundation scans 1,431

In places where ultra sound scan services are not available too, pregnant women have to travel far to access services.

These journeys become a disincentive to the pregnant women.

In collaboration with Vodafone Ghana, the Vodafone foundation sponsored the DMAC to undertake scan services in communities.

The following communities have been beneficiaries.

DMACFoundation scans 1,431

In January, 587 women were scanned in the Krachie Nchumuru and its environs

In February, 101 women in Kwahu East were scanned.

425 women were scanned in Sene East in March 2018

The month of April saw 133 women in Afadjato South being scanned.

In May, 185 women were scanned in the Atiwa community and its environs.

DMACFoundation scans 1,431

In all 1,431 women have benefited from the ultra sound scan within the first five months of this year.

According to the CEO of the foundation, Edmund Doudo, the foundation targets to scan 2000 by the close of the year.

Speaking exclusively to, the CEO mentioned some of the challenges faced during the exercise.

DMACFoundation scans 1,431

According to him, there have been instances when they have had to deliver women during the exercise because some women don’t access antenatal services at all, and don’t know when they are due.

Unfortunately, they just have to deal with it because referring such could be fatal for both mother and baby considering the distance and access to the nearest health facility.

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