DMAC to the rescue of Oyoko Pregnant women


DMAC | Available statistics at the Regional Health Administration is that from January to June 2017, 36% of maternal deaths that occurred within the period were facility / administration related. 

It was a sight to behold the excitement with which Madam Cynthia Agyekum, the midwife at the Oyoko clinic spoke to the Ghana Health News team. 

She was full of excitement, “we don’t have a scan machine at the Oyoko health centre, so after taking good care of a pregnant woman, she has to go to Koforidua for a scan, that is why we have collaborated with the Divine Mother and Child (DMAC) to do this” 

The Oyoko chief’s palace was the venue for the event. 

The Oyoko Clinic and the DMAC foundation, joined hands to provide free scanning for Pregnant women. 

For the life of the Clinic, the Midwife has been educating women in the township about the need for antenatal attendance during pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, most women who visit the clinic during pregnancy for antenatal purposes still have to visit Koforidua for the scan. 


This has been a disincentive for some women who just can’t afford the cost of scan and the journey. 

According to Madam Cynthia Agyekum, the event, which coincided with the Save the Motherhood week, couldn’t have come at a better time. 

She expressed anticipation that, “we are even trying to talk to the DMAC team to see if they can at least come here and provide one free scan for pregnant women in a month” 

Averagely, in a month, between 15 to 20 pregnant women visit the clinic for antenatal, however, on Friday, by 1 pm about 20 women had been scanned and many were in queue waiting for their turn. 

The women were also given a talk on the times to have a scan during pregnancy. 

They were also encouraged to visit the clinic for antenatal the moment they realized that they were pregnant. 

Attendants to the event who spoke to Ghana Health News expressed joy at having been able to go through the scan. 

At the time of the visit by the Ghana Health News team, some pregnant women who had not visited the clinic since they became pregnant were trickling in to access the free services. 

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