Children in Koforidua Regional Hospital Receives Blood Transfusion Without Replacement

Blood transfusion

The Blood Bank department of the Koforidua Regional Hospital has started a policy of giving Blood Transfusion to patients in the children’s ward without replacement.

Philomena Quayson, the Deputy Regional Blood Donor Organizer, speaking exclusively to healthylifegh said, the bank aims at reaching a hundred percent voluntary blood donations, meaning, when patients are in need of Blood Transfusion, they would be given without having to bring friends and relatives to replace.

She was quick to add that, this can only be possible if the bank has a consistent number of voluntary donors.

Currently, replacement donors outnumber voluntary donors, which is not a good thing for all the Blood Transfusion needs of the hospital.

Philomena was speaking to healthylifegh on the account of a donor who had reached his 28th blood donation.

Mr Ishmael Fundoh, who had been a consistent donor since 2006 told healthylifegh that he started to donate blood voluntarily after he was called upon to donate blood to replace what had been served his wife.


According to him, his wife was in labour and had to go through a caesarean delivery session at the Tafo government hospital.

The wife needed Blood Transfusion urgently, but unfortunately, the hospital at the time had run out of stock.

The hospital had to go all the way to the Kibi hospital to acquire the needed blood type to transfuse to the wife.

Since then, he decided to become a regular donor to help save lives.

Philomena who attended to a happy looking Ishmael, urged the general public to take interest in voluntary blood donation.

She said, if the public would donate voluntarily, the bank could adopt another ward in addition to the children’s ward to receive blood transfusion without replacement.

She also called on Pastors to give the bank at least 30 minutes of their time whenever the bank approached then to educate their members on blood donation.

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