Breadfruit recipes

breadfruit recipes

Breadfruit recipes – Amazing Vegan and Gluten-Free Roast Breadfruit is a delicious fruit to include in your diet, it is hearty, versatile and easily replaces bread.

Roast breadfruit done in an oven, is such an easy and convenient way of enjoying breadfruit. A contrast to how I grew up preparing roast breadfruit from as far back as I can remember.

We mostly prepared it on homemade coal stoves or open fires and we had and still have one of the most delicious breadfruit trees in Jamaica.

Recently we went to visit Jamaica and my step mother prepared roast breadfruit from the very  same tree that I grew up with. It brought back memories of my childhood.

Spending long summers, ‘rowing boats’ that is the term meaning we would come together as neighborhood friends and cook, roasting breadfruit, picking and preparing Ackee and drinking homemade lime aid or ‘beverage’.

Breadfruit recipes

What is Breadfruit?

Breadfruit is an oval fruit with lumpy green skin originated from South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.Now a staple of Jamaican cuisine.

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Breadfruit recipes

It was first brought to the Caribbean Islands including Jamaica by Lieutenant William Bligh in the 18th Century to feed slaves.

Breadfruit can also be prepared boiled, fried, made into flour, chips.

Roast Breadfruit

Where To Buy Breadfruit?

Bread can be purchased here in the USA in Caribbean and Latino supermarkets. A mature fruit is the best tasting, choose one that is greenish yellow but firm to touch and not soft.

What Does Breadfruit Taste Like And How To Cook Breadfruit?

Green boiled breadfruit tastes like boiled potatoes and can be boiled and mashed, added to soups, stews, curries and substituted for potatoes in recipes.

The fully mature breadfruit when roasted has a sweeter taste and reminds me of eating a thick slice of bread.

The ripen fruit can also be made into desserts and smoothie.

Breadfruit Nutrition

High in complex carbohydrates and low in fat and cholesterol.

How To Roast  Breadfruit

There are 2 methods to roast breadfruit Jamaican style

  1. Breadfruit roasted over an open flame/fire whether it be on stove top, coal fire or wood fire. I’m going to share how to do it on the stove top.
  2. Breadfruit roasted in an oven.

Method 1 Stove Top

  • Choose a breadfruit that is fully mature (picture of breadfruit below), using a knife cut around the stem and about 1-inch deep and discard.
  •  Cut an X along the base of the fruit, this will allow the gas to escape as the breadfruit cooks.
  •  Place breadfruit on the stove with the part where the stem was directly over the stove turned on medium-high. Cook until breadfruit starts to char, about 20-30 minutes.
  • Using a pair of oven mittens turn to the side and cook until charred, continue rotating breadfruit until the entire breadfruit is black and when the skin is pressed there is a give and a softened feel.
  • Turn off the stove and remove from the heat onto a cooling rack and allow to cool enough to handle, about 40 minutes.
  • Using oven mittens, peel breadfruit, cut roast breadfruit in half, cut out the core or heart then cut into slices and serve.

Method 2 Oven

Preheat oven 425 degrees F. Follow step 1 and 2 above.

Rub cooking oil over the breadfruit skin. Using parchment paper and or foil, wrap breadfruit securely. I prefer to use parchment paper first then foil.

Place in the oven on the center rack and bake for at least 11/2- 2 hours.

Using oven mittens, remove breadfruit from oven and allow to cool enough where you can handle.

Peel breadfruit, cut roast breadfruit in half, cut out the core or heart then cut into slices and serve.

Roast Breadfruit



Roast Breadfruit

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