Baby delivered by the roadside by Biakoye District Director of Health

Baby delivered by the roadside

Baby delivered by the roadside by Biakoye District Director of Health.

This is the post that Edmund Awiteri Doudo, a community health nurse put on his facebook wall.

“District Director of Health and Public Health Nurse at Biakoye District Delivers a baby on the roadside in Oti Region

A few days ago DDHS Rita Wurapa and Public Health Nurse Rose Ayivor were on a monitoring trip to Dambai and Nkwanta.”

Baby delivered by the roadside
Wrapping up the newborn baby

Edmund continues:

“At Dambai, her team encountered a woman in labor on a motorbike. She was in obvious distress, the Okada driver drew to a screeching halt. A crowd started to gather around the screaming client, helpless driver and anxious relatives.

With 15+ years of public health under her belt, she drew closer. Urged by instinct she engaged the client only to see a woman in labor, head in perineum.

In the middle of the street, DDHS Rita and PHN Rose delivered the baby and marshaled women standing by to form a screen with their clothing.

The baby was delivered and the mother was sent to the hospital. The mother and baby are doing very well.

As health staff and leaders, we often have to lead by example.

Congratulations DDHS Rita Wurapa, you did just that.

The following spells out clearly the conditions of service in which some of the hard-working medical personnel in hard to reach areas are practicing.”

This is not the first time such an event is unfolding.

Several such community health nurses have chalked remarkable successes in their work with such timely and life-saving interventions.

It can be recalled that the Ghana Health News did a profile on Magaret Afriyie who has come to be known as the Midwife Farmer.

Margaret Afriyie is a midwife in charge of Ahweram Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compound in the Ashanti Region.

She’s also a farmer who has initiated a lot of incentive packages just to get people in her community to visit antenatal service.

Baby delivered by the roadside by Biakoye District Director of Health

What Rita Wurapa, the District Director and Public Health Nurse Rose Ayivor have done indeed needs all the commendation it deserves but should also draw attention to the neglect in certain parts of the country when it comes to access to quality health care.

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