A meal plan for weight loss

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A meal plan for weight loss. Here are a few recipes that would help in weight loss. If you are tired of trying out several supplements and other regimes, take time to go through these…

Easy recipe ideas

Weight loss recipes don’t have to be overly complicated. Here are a few easy-to-prepare Ideas that require a minimal number of ingredients.


Soups can be batch-cooked and frozen in individual portions. Be sure to include a lot of vegetables, as well as meat, seafood, beans, peas, or lentils. Add brown rice, quinoa, or potatoes if desired.
Homemade pizza. Start your pizza with a veggie- or whole-grain based crust, thin layer of sauce, source of protein, such as tempeh or turkey breast, and veggies. Top with a little cheese and fresh leafy greens.


Salads are quick and versatile. Start with leafy greens, a few colourful vegetables, and a source of protein. Top with olive oil and vinegar and add nuts, seeds, whole grains, or starchy vegetables.


Start with a whole-grain pasta of your choice and source of protein, such as chicken, fish, or tofu. Then mix in a tomato-based pasta sauce or pesto and some vegetables like broccoli or spinach.

Slow cooker or electric pressure cooker recipes. These are great for making chili, enchiladas, spaghetti sauce, and stew. Simply place your ingredients in your device, start it, and let it do all the work for you.

Grain bowls

Batch cook grains like quinoa or brown rice then top with your choice of protein, such as chicken or hard-boiled eggs, non-starchy veggies, and a healthy dressing of your liking.

The recipe ideas above are simple and require very little time to make. They can also be prepared in a variety of ways, making them incredibly versatile.

7-day menu

This sample menu includes a variety of nutrient-, fibre, and protein-rich meals to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Portions should be adjusted to your individual needs. Snack examples are included in this plan but remain completely optional.


Breakfast: overnight oats made with rolled oats, chia seeds, and milk, topped with fresh berries and pumpkin seeds
Lunch: premade egg-and-veggie muffins with a fresh basil-and-tomato salad and some avocado
Snack: mango-spinach smoothie
Dinner: homemade cauliflower-crust pizza topped with pesto, mushrooms, peppers, a handful of spinach, and marinated chicken or tempeh

Breakfast: breakfast smoothie made with kale, frozen cherries, banana, protein powder, flax seeds, and milk
Lunch: mixed green salad with cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, corn, sweet potato, olives, and grilled salmon or roasted chickpeas
Snack: sliced apple with peanut butter
Dinner: red lentil dahl served on a bed of baby spinach and brown rice

Breakfast: Spanish omelet made with eggs, potatoes, onions, and peppers, served with a side of salsa
Lunch: leftover red lentil dahl and fresh spinach over brown rice
Snack: homemade trail mix using your favourite unsalted, unroasted nuts and unsweetened dried fruit
Dinner: chicken or tofu meatballs in a marinara sauce served with spaghetti squash on a bed of mixed baby greens and topped with Parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast

Breakfast: yogurt topped with fresh fruit and chopped walnuts
Lunch: kale salad topped with a poached egg or marinated seitan, as well as dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, whole-grain pita chips, and an avocado-mango dressing
Snack: carrots, radishes, and cherry tomatoes dipped in hummus
Dinner: beef or black-bean burger topped with lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, and pickles, served on a small whole-wheat bun and peppers and onions on the side

Breakfast: breakfast salad made with spinach, homemade granola, walnuts, blueberries, coconut flakes, and a raspberry vinaigrette, as well as 1–2 hard-boiled eggs for extra protein if you like
Lunch: homemade veggie spring rolls, dipped in peanut butter sauce and served with a side of raw veggies
Snack: whole-wheat crackers with cheese or a spicy mashed black bean spread
Dinner: chili served on a bed of greens and wild rice

Breakfast: pumpkin pancakes topped with Greek or plant-based yogurt, chopped nuts, and fresh strawberries
Lunch: leftover chili served on a bed of greens and wild rice
Snack: nut-and-dried-fruit trail mix
Dinner: shrimp or bean fajitas with grilled onions, bell peppers, and guacamole, served on a corn tortilla

Breakfast: overnight oats topped with chopped pecans, mango, and coconut flakes
Lunch: tuna or chickpea salad, served atop mixed greens with sliced avocado, sliced apple, and walnuts
Snack: yogurt with fruit
Dinner: grilled salmon or tempeh, potatoes, and sautéed kale
Ideas for dietary restrictions
Generally speaking, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy can be replaced by plant-based alternatives, such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, flax or chia seeds, as well as plant-based milk and yogurts.

Gluten-containing grains and flours can be substituted for quinoa, millet, oats, buckwheat, amaranth, teff, corn, and sorghum.
Carb-rich grains and starchy vegetables can be replaced by lower-carb alternatives.
For instance, try spiralized noodles or spaghetti squash instead of pasta, cauliflower rice instead of couscous or rice, lettuce leaves instead of taco shells, and seaweed or rice paper instead of tortilla wraps.

Just keep in mind that completely excluding a food group may require you to take supplements to meet your daily nutrient needs.

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